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Trek & Treat

Trek & Treat is an initiative which was started in 2019 by a group of Optometrists with the idea of combining their passion for travelling with their profession of eye health care. Through Trek & Treat our team of Eye Care professionals Trek around remote villages of Nepal and provide Eye Health Care service to the people of nearby community.
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Skill development training

Through VTN we train local community people who are willing to learn a usable skillset which can be used to help them get a job and promote health care in their own community.
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promote eye care service

We are working continuously to promote and upgrade eye care service in Nepal. Optometry specialty eye care service such as Low Vision Rehabilitation, Myopia Management and Vision Therapy is yet to be developed into an Optometry practice. To develop this skillset we are looking for skilled Optometrist who can help us upgrade our skillset as an eye care professional.
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