Trek And Treat – THEY NEED US !!

We started our Trek And Treat Campaign with some assumption about what we would be seeing in those remote villages of Nepal. I was little aware about the fact that many places of Nepal are still deprived of basic health care services. The news about how difficult it is to get a regular health check up in those remote villages could still be heard on the daily news channels. Many people were still living their life in darkness from conditions like Cataract. These were the problems that we knew already existed but then I questioned myself, "Is knowing things just enough??" Can we do something better than just knowing things? Hopefully we can !!

My First Trek And Treat Journey

Our journey of the first Trek And Treat Campaign started with a long 5 hours hiking from RARA Lake. After the hike we reached Khatyad, a remote village situated in Mugu District. The only means of transportation were mules and horses. There was no sign of proper health care centers around. We trekked from RARA to Khaptad and Khatyad was on our way to the trekking route. We prepared ourselves with our basic screening instruments and medicines to carry out our first screening camp at Khatyad. It was during that moment I felt really upset about the health care system of our country when I encountered a very sad reality of the village.

We saw a 28 days old child who had an injury in her left eye and needed immediate surgical intervention. Though the treatment for such cases are usually done free of cost her parents did not have enough money to travel to the city. Sadly, the child passed away the next day without proper treatment facility in the village. After what I experienced being in that village for a couple of days, knowing things and seeing things were now completely two different things for me. It made me realize that I had to do something to solve such health issues of our country else I would just be a person who only know things.

Call For Help!

There are many places in Nepal like Khatyad where health care service is still far out of the reach. We want to reach such places along with some like minded professionals who wants to volunteer for a good cause. We are working to make Trek And Treat a nationwide health care campaign and unite skilled professionals with a common goal of making life easier for the people of remote villages of Nepal. To make this happen we need help from everyone around us. Some of us here could be Eye Care Professionals, Physiotherapists, Cardiologists, Writers, Photographers, Content Creators, Bloggers, Drivers and so on. If we can all just spare about couple of days from our busy schedule and work together to help those in need then we can indeed make places like Khatyad a better place with better facilities.

Changes come from ourselves. Lets be the change and lead others to make the change.

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