Trek And Treat – What it is and What it is not.

In 2019 we initiated Trek And Treat with a group of like-minded eye care professionals who shared a passion for trekking and exploring the untouched, overlooked, and inaccessible parts of Nepal. The primary goal behind starting Trek And Treat was to utilize our professional skills as an eye care professionals and merge them with our enthusiasm for trekking and travel. Along our journey, we encountered numerous kindred spirits and organizations that supported us in pursuing our mission. Right from the inception of our Trek And Treat campaign, our aim was crystal clear: to reach remote areas devoid of road access. It was undeniably challenging, but the ultimate fulfillment came when we witnessed the tangible impact of our Trek And Treat campaign on the lives of those in need.

Trek And Treat - What it is.

Trek And Treat is a fusion of trekking, adventure, and eye healthcare, offering an immersive experience amidst beautiful landscapes, diverse terrains, rich cultures, wildlife, and vegetation, while simultaneously providing essential eye care to those in need. This campaign occurs semi-annually, typically in March-April and October-November. We strategically plan Trek&Treat in remote regions of Nepal that lack roadway access and adequate eye care services. Some of the locations we've explored for our campaign include Khatyad and Mugum Karmarong villages in Mugu District, the Everest Region of Solukhumbu, Bamti Village in Ramechhap, as well as Saldang Village, Namo Village, Tinje Village, and various other smaller villages in the Upper Dolpo Region. Throughout these campaigns, we've successfully treated approximately 4000 patients and performed cataract surgeries for nearly 200 individuals. Additionally, we've distributed around 1200 spectacles and provided necessary medications.

Trek&Treat - Dolpo Experience

In August 2023, we embarked on a 25-day-long Trek&Treat campaign in the Upper Dolpo region, situated in the western part of Nepal. This trek proved to be one of our most challenging and enduring journeys, spanning 25 days, during which we conducted Screening and Surgical eye camps across 9 different villages in the Upper Dolpo region. Our trek led us to the highest altitude of 5360 meters at Nangda-La Pass, marking the pinnacle of our journey through the Upper Dolpo region. Some days required us to walk for over 9 hours to reach our next destination, where we slept in tent houses, on the floor inside our sleeping bags. On other occasions, we crossed over the rivers with our shoes on, resulting in soggy socks. Trek&Treat campaigns of this nature can be immensely tiring and demanding. Therefore, we ensure that our medical team, volunteers, optometrists, and surgeons are physically fit to undertake such extensive distances and endure extreme conditions. Mental preparedness is equally vital, as it necessitates adapting to diverse environments, cultures, and habitats significantly different from the comfort of our homes.

Trek&Treat - The Reward

Despite the exhaustion and challenges, the sense of accomplishment propels us forward, motivating us to conduct Trek&Treat in these remote regions of Nepal. It is precisely in such places that skilled professionals like us should apply our expertise. Witnessing the joy on people's faces after we've treated them is profoundly gratifying. Immersing ourselves in their culture, embracing their lifestyles, singing their tunes, and dancing to their moves provides us with unique experiences that are irreplaceable. This essence encapsulates Trek And Treat, setting it apart from a typical trekking adventure.

Trek And Treat - What it is not.

We initiated Trek and Treat with the primary objective of reaching individuals who are unable to access eye check-ups due to remote locations and lack of accessible roadways, making it challenging for them to reach an eye hospital. This distinguishes Trek And Treat from typical commercial trekking routes, where comfort often comes from cozy hotel rooms and homestay facilities.

While regions like Dolpo, Darchula, and Mugu are gradually developing in tourism sectors with the construction of hotels, homestays, and improved trekking trails, Trek And Treat still remains distinctly different from regular commercial trekking tours. Previous experience in trekking and hiking can be highly beneficial when participating in a Trek And Treat campaign.

Trek And Treat is not a commercial travel agency but a project run by a non profit organization whose sole motive is to reach the people in need. Hence, experience that is gained in Trek And Treat is raw, wild and adventurous where you become a family and a friend and not a tourist. 

Let's Trek And Treat !!